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Tubewalker: The Tube, on Foot

About this Site: Privacy Statement

As part of providing mobile apps on Apple's App Store, I have to provide you with a privacy statement. This is an excellent idea, as web privacy is really important, and I take it very seriously.

Privacy Statement for My Mobile Apps

This statement refers to the following mobile apps:

My mobile apps can show your current location on the walking map, but this information is not stored anywhere and is only ever used to show your location on the map. If this is of concern, you can use your device's privacy settings to prevent my apps from ever knowing where you are.

Apart from this bit of data, my mobile apps do not collect or store any data about you.

Privacy Statement for My Websites

This statement refers to the following websites:

There is only one area of my websites where I do collect and store your data, but only the data that you explicitly type in and send to me. I'm talking about my Guestbook, where I store the messages that people send to me. I don't require personal data from you (there are no logins or anything like that), but if you choose to send me a message, then that data will be stored as part of my Guestbook. This is unlikely to be a surprise, and if you'd like me to delete your messages after the fact, that's absolutely fine - just get in touch and I'll remove them.

Outside of my Guestbook, I do not collect any personal data from you when you use my websites. To be more explicit, I do not run any analytics code, I don't require any logins anywhere, I don't create cookies containing personal data, and I don't store any personal information about you at all.

That said, I do use a tiny handful of third-party frameworks that I should mention, as they may set cookies and track traffic as part of their internal operation. Here's the full list:

In short, apart from anything you might voluntarily choose to post to my Guestbook, I don't collect your data, I don't store your data, and that's all there is to it.

If you have any questions or feedback about this policy, you can contact me via my Guestbook.