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Subject: Trip To India
Posted: 31 Oct 2004 11:10 am

i live india (bombay)..i found your ebook on i loved the ebook, travels in india. it was fun to know what foreigners think about india and i myself learnt a lot about india. i wonder why didnt u visit mubai (bombay)...its such a contrast to other places in in Mumbai is as fast as life in New York..i mean mumbai is not india..if u knw what ii mean..i think u should have paid atleast a one day visit..

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Mark Moxon

Subject: Thanks for the message
Posted: 1 Nov 2004 6:05 pm

Hi Mohit.

I'm really glad you enjoyed my eBook - it's great to know they're getting out there and getting read!

Unfortunately I simply didn't have the time to visit Mumbai, though I wanted to. I had to make a choice between heading up through the centre of India, via Hampi, Bijapur, Ellora, Ajanta, Aurangabad, Mandu, Sanchi and into Nepal, or sticking to the coast and going from Goa to Mumbai and then towards Nepal. I went for the inland route because I figured I could fly from Europe to Mumbai more easily than to the likes of Mandu, and as I definitely intend to come back to India one day, it leaves somewhere to visit that I've not been to. You can't see the whole of India in six months - it's impossible!

Anyway, thanks for posting - I really appreciate it.

Best wishes,


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