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Subject: Starting a walk soon
Posted: 5 Jul 2022 6:04 pm

Hello Mark

Long time reader of this site which I have found really useful I've been planning my own trip for a long time and have been thinking of about doing for even longer.

I will be starting it on the 11th of July.

Here is my website/blog which I'll attempt to update as I walk



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Mark Moxon

Subject: LEJOG
Posted: 6 Jul 2022 11:45 am

Hi Jason.

Brilliant! I love a good LEJOG blog. Thanks for sending me the link - I've added you to my links page:

Thanks also for the kind comments - I'm glad you've found the site so useful. 😀

Anyway, good luck, and I really hope you enjoy yourself. It's an amazing walk, and I'm delighted to have helped inspire you on your way.

Fingers crossed for good weather!

All the best,


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