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Tubewalker: The Tube, on Foot

Contact Me: Thanks for all your great India stories!

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Vik from Calgary

Subject: Thanks for all your great India stories!
Posted: 11 Nov 2004 4:29 pm


I just wanted to say thanks for all your stories about India. This is the best single resource I have found for travelling in India on the web.

I leave for three months of adventure starting Jan 6 2005. I will definitely put a link to your site in my blog



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Mark Moxon

Subject: Thanks!
Posted: 11 Nov 2004 8:05 pm

Hi Vik.

Thanks so much for posting - that's a lovely thing to say, and I'm tickled pink. Very Happy Here's hoping your adventure in India turns out as wonderfully as mine did - it's a great country.

Happy travels!

Best wishes,


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