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Contact Me: Chicken 65 in India

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Subject: Chicken 65 in India
Posted: 22 Nov 2004 11:17 am

I have two versions stories regarding the orgin of Chicken 65 but the most convincing one is detailed at the end.

Story 1: The story goes that an English traveller visiting Kerala in 1965 asked a chef to make this dish. The traveller expressed his contentment at the result and left, whereupon the bar staff tried the remainders, having never seen anything like it before. The result certainly was good and Chicken 65 was born, there being no other name for it.

Story 2: As legend has it, in all the kallu (country liquor) bars, the favourite ‘food fight’ is: who can eat the maximum number of chillies? It is a symbol of machoism to be able to eat the most chillies. An enterprising hotelier capitalised on this and cooked up the dish Chicken 65, denoting that 65 chillies were used for every kilogram of chicken. After this there have been many variations in the preparation but I am yet to find out if there are 95 chillies in Chicken 65, If yes, I need to visit the doc tommorow Wink

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Mark Moxon

Subject: Thanks!
Posted: 23 Nov 2004 10:05 am

Hi Vinay.

Excellent - many thanks for that. Smile I've never heard either of these explanations, but they're great. I particularly like the second one; eating seriously hot curries is practically a lifestyle choice in England, so the thought of Chicken 65 and 95 denoting heat is very appealing. It makes me wonder what Chicken 8&8 is... eight green chillies and eight red ones, perhaps? Shocked

Anyway, many thanks for taking the time to post - I really appreciate it. Meanwhile, the debate rolls on!

Best wishes,


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