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Contact Me: Questions: Cornwall, B7B's and Ham Sandwiches

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Santosh Jayaram

Subject: Questions: Cornwall, B7B's and Ham Sandwiches
Posted: 7 Feb 2017 6:59 pm

(Posting this again. This time as a new message vs. burying in another conversation.)

Hi Mark:

Thank you for your response.

I looked up Outdoor and I am going to get it. It is a lot cheaper than the paper maps. About GBP 30.00 for a years worth of Maps. In addition to that I am going to get the Explorer edition maps on paper for the journey up to Bath.

If I find myself referring to the paper maps a lot, then I may ask my wife to mail in the paper maps for the rest of the journey from Bath onwards.


1. Cornwall: When I lived in England for Uni for about 2 years, I had friends who invited us to their homes in Cornwall. I was petrified by how they drove through the country streets. They were utterly bonkers in how fast they drove through those narrow, windy, hedgerow lines country roads. I am a bit fearful of these lanes because of my experience driving with these guys. Is there some reasonable precaution I can take, say walk on the right side of the road, etc? Did you have a similar fear? Any advice?

2. B&B's: Is there a unified, reliable website in the UK that people use to book B&B’s along the LEJOG path you took? Do I have to book in advance? Or would you advise I just wing it and book a day or two in advance? What did you do?

3. In all of your daily posts, which i loved, and am still to get through, I noted that you brought ham sandwiches along. Did you buy pre made sandwiches or did you just happen to carry a loaf of bread and ham and make them along the way. Sorry for the specific nature of the question. Just intrigued about this last one Smile

Thank you so much for starting this website and responding so dutifully. What a neat legacy!


Santosh Jayaram

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Mark Moxon

Subject: Various questions
Posted: 9 Feb 2017 12:36 pm

Hi Santosh.

Let's see...

1. Conventional wisdom says to walk on the right-hand side of the road where possible, so you can see the traffic coming towards you (rather than having it sneak up behind you). The exception is on right bends, where you want to be on the other side, as otherwise anyone coming round the corner towards you won't see you until you bounce off their bumper.

On the quieter lanes you tend to hear the cars coming and can brace yourself, getting ready to jump into the hedge if things go wrong. I didn't have any scares in Cornwall or Devon, but it's always good to be cautious, as I know some people have been taken out by cars on country lanes. Don't be afraid to jump into the ditch rather than end up in hospital; the car will always win, unfortunately.

2. I rang up each B&B individually, but this was back in 2003, so things may have changed. I don't know of any B&B booking websites, but Google is the place to look. You don't have to book in advance, but then you run the risk of the only B&B in the village being full, and being on foot can make that a bit of a drag if you have to walk to the next village and it's already been a long day. I always booked ahead, but I like to know what's going to happen; Barry, with whom I walked on and off throughout LEJOG, never booked ahead. It's a free country, so make your own decision, but this might help explain my take on things:

3. I bought pre-made sandwiches where possible, but sometimes I had to buy the ingredients. Most small shops in the country tend to sell sandwiches, though some brands are better than others..

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,


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Santosh Jayaram

Subject: Thank you
Posted: 15 Feb 2017 1:45 am

Thank you for the response. Really helpful



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Mark Moxon

Subject: Thanks
Posted: 16 Feb 2017 9:26 am

My pleasure, Santosh. Smile


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