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Tubewalker: The Tube, on Foot

Tubewalker iPad Application

A route map in the Tubewalker iPad application
The route map and description for the tubewalk from Hammersmith to King's Cross
Viewing photos from a walk in the Tubewalker iPad application
View over 9750 photographs from tubewalks across London
The tubewalk planner in the Tubewalker iPad application
Using the tubewalk planner to plan a longer tubewalk
Searching for places of interest in the Tubewalker iPad application
You can search over 1300 places of interest and find out which tubewalks will take you there
Viewing photos from a walk in the Tubewalker iPad application
Explore the Tube network from the comfort of your own home

Welcome to the world of tubewalking on your iPad.

The Tubewalker application contains maps and descriptions for tubewalks all over London. The free version covers all of Zone 1 (88 tubewalks), while the full version covers the whole London Underground (a further 230 tubewalks). That's a total of 318 tubewalks between 277 stations, covering 440 miles of walking with over 1300 places of interest and 9750 photographs – everything you need to get tubewalking.

What is a tubewalk?

A tubewalk is simply a walk between two Tube stations. Tubewalking is a great way to explore London: every tubewalk starts and ends on public transport, and you can plan your tubewalk to last as long as you want, from a few minutes to a few days.

How many Tube lines are covered?

Tubewalker for iPad contains maps and route descriptions for tubewalks all over London. There are two versions: a free version with London Underground Zone 1 (88 tubewalks) included, and a full version that also covers Zones 2 to 9 (a further 230 tubewalks). The full version currently costs £2.99 from the App Store.

How does it work?

First you need to choose a station to start walking from. You can do this:

By browsing through a list of all stations, by line or by name

By choosing from the nearest stations to your current location

By picking one of my recommended tubewalks (all these are included)

By using the tubewalk planner (see below for more details)

By searching for places of interest (see below for more details)

Once you have chosen a station to start from, you will be shown all the available tubewalks from that station. You can pick one by tapping it.

Doing a tubewalk by iPad

Once you've chosen a tubewalk, you'll see a description of the walk and a map. If your iPad is in landscape mode, the description is shown on the left with the map on the right, while in portrait the map takes up the whole screen and the description is available via the 'About this tubewalk' button.

The description section has three buttons along the top, which do the following:

Planning a longer walk

If you want to plan a longer walk that connects lots of little tubewalks together into an all-day excursion, then the tubewalk planner is for you. Choose a start station, and the planner will show you all possible tubewalking routes that start from that station; similarly, if you choose an end station, the planner will show you all the routes that end at that station. Tap a result to see more about that route, complete with route descriptions, maps and places of interest.

You can also filter tubewalks by distance, so if you want to go for a ten-mile walk that ends at, say, Ealing Broadway, then simply set the end station to Ealing Broadway and the distance to 'Around 10 miles, 16km', and the planner will show you all the available options.

If you choose both a start and an end station, the planner will show you the quickest route between the two.

Places of interest

You can also use the 'Places of interest' menu to search through all the interesting places you can visit by tubewalk. Simply choose a place from the list of names to read more about it and see which tubewalks can take you there. Zone 1 comes with 452 places of interest, while Zones 2 to 9 (only available in the full version of Tubewalker) give you a total of 1313 places from all over London.

Neighbouring tubewalks

If you are already viewing a walk, then the 'Neighbouring tubewalks' menu shows tubewalks that follow on from the walk you are viewing – in other words, walks that start at each end of the current walk. This can be useful if you've reached the end of a tubewalk but want to keep going.


For more help and support, please visit the Tubewalker support page.


All the code and content in the Tubewalker application has been lovingly crafted for your entertainment by Mark Moxon. You can find out more about the author at, and more about the Tubewalker project at


I can't guarantee that these walks exclusively use public rights of way, though I did do every walk myself in the summer of 2008 and I don't think I walked anywhere that I wasn't allowed (note, though, that you definitely need permission from BAA to do the walks around Heathrow, as it's private property). Things change, and I accept no responsibility or liability for anything that goes wrong if you do try these walks: in other words, use your head as well as your feet.