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Tubewalker: The Tube, on Foot

iPad Application: Support

If you are having problems with the Tubewalker iPad application, I'll try to help. Please use the link below to leave me a private message containing as much information as possible, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Contact Tubewalker iPad support

You might also like to check out this list of Frequently Asked Questions, in case your issue is covered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Tubewalker application cost?

Tubewalker for iPad currently costs £2.99.

How many Tube lines are covered?

The Tubewalker application covers the entire London Underground network. Note that the Docklands Light Railway and London Overground aren't part of London Underground, so they aren't included.

Which versions of iOS will Tubewalker run on?

Tubewalker for iPad needs iOS 4.3 or later. I'm afraid it won't run on iOS 3.2.

Does it need an internet connection?

If you don't have an internet connection, then although the maps will work, the map tiles won't download, so they won't be much use for walking. Also, the photos in the Photos tab are loaded from, so you won't be able to view these. Everything else will work properly without the internet.

Does it need a GPS-enabled device?

No, it doesn't need a GPS-enabled device, though the 'Find nearest tubewalks' feature won't be terribly accurate if you don't have GPS, and your current location shown on the maps may be some way off. Devices without a built-in GPS can often use phone signal triangulation or your wi-fi connection to work out where you are, so these features should still work, they just might not be as good as with a GPS-enabled device.

I've bought a new iPad and have already bought the full version of Tubewalker for my old device. Do I have to pay for it again to install it on my new iPad?

No, you don't hve to pay again. If you've already paid for the full iPad version, then those purchase details are stored on Apple's App Store servers, so when you download the full version again using the same login details as when you made the purchase, it will check your account and will pop up a message saying that you won't be charged for the download. Unfortunately, this only happens after you've already started the download, so it does require what feels like a leap of faith!

If you do get charged again, then you should contact Apple, as that would indicate a problem with their service (though I'd be amazed if this did happen). The idea is that if you pay for an app once, you own it for life and can reinstall it as many times as you like, whether on the same device or new ones you might buy in the future.