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Free eBooks

Have you ever fancied reading me on the train to work, or carrying me in your backpack as you head off to discover the world for yourself? Well now you can, because I've created a collection of free eBooks containing all the writing from my websites. Each free eBook is available in two formats:

All my eBooks are free of Digital Rights Management (DRM), so you can install them on as many devices as you like, all for no charge.

Long-Distance Walks


The Tube, on Foot

511 KB 782 KB

When I Walk, I Bounce
Walking Land's End to John o'Groats

418 KB 797 KB

The Inside Track
Walking the Capital Ring

89 KB 115 KB

A Stroll Around Town
Walking the London Loop

110 KB 146 KB

Travel writing


An Omnibus of Mark Moxon's Travel Writing

Contains all my travel writing in one handy tome

2.2 MB 2.5 MB

The Back of Beyond
Travels in Australia

324 KB 401 KB

Into the Deep Blue Sea
Travels in Belize

86 KB 122 KB

A Town Full of Nothing to Do
Travels in Burkina Faso

61 KB 89 KB

In Search of the Lost City
Travels in Colombia

124 KB 178 KB

Tainted by Tourism
Travels in Costa Rica

81 KB 122 KB

A Funny Sort of Socialism
Travels in Cuba

125 KB 172 KB

Snow on the Sun Loungers
Travels in Cyprus

106 KB 143 KB

Love at First Sight
Travels in El Salvador

97 KB 142 KB

Paradise Has Teeth
Travels in French Polynesia

142 KB 188 KB

A Million Mosquitoes Can't Be Wrong
Travels in the Gambia

94 KB 127 KB

The Road to Jesus
Travels in Ghana

165 KB 224 KB

Stuck on the Gringo Trail
Travels in Guatemala

90 KB 125 KB

Many Ways to Change Your Mind
Travels in India

474 KB 595 KB

Hello Paul, What's Your Name?
Travels in Indonesia

165 KB 241 KB

The Muddy Confluence
Travels in Malaysia

104 KB 141 KB

The Lapping of the Dunes
Travels in Mali

150 KB 196 KB

A World-Class Dive
Travels in Mexico

100 KB 132 KB

Snaking Patterns of Sand
Travels in Morocco

97 KB 130 KB

Roof of the World
Travels in Nepal

84 KB 117 KB

God's Own Country
Travels in New Zealand

149 KB 185 KB

Poverty and Paradise
Travels in Nicaragua

98 KB 136 KB

Alone on Two-Palm Island
Travels in Panama

105 KB 149 KB

The Head and the Heart
Travels in Senegal

101 KB 133 KB

Serious Fun
Travels in Singapore

60 KB 89 KB

Melted Meccano
Travels in Thailand

87 KB 122 KB

eBook Bundles

If you're a glutton for punishment and want to download all my eBooks in one go, then you can download the following Zip files, which contain all the eBooks for that format:

Creative Commons Licence

I've released my eBooks via a Creative Commons Licence, which means you are free to distribute them to everyone and anyone, as long as you do this on a non-commercial basis and make no changes to the files. If you know someone who might like to read my eBooks, please pass them on; I make no money from any of this, but I do enjoy the thought of people reading my eBooks and recommending them to their friends. Or, I suppose, their enemies...