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Tubewalker: The Tube, on Foot

Contact Me: Site Testimonials

People have been so complimentary about my website that I felt compelled to compile some of the more wonderful comments, just so I could say a big public 'thank you' to everyone who's sent me an email about this site. I really appreciate your kind words, and I'm just glad you enjoyed my jottings. If you'd like to comment on my site, I'd be delighted if you would take a moment to contact me.

Just wanted to tell you that I have now finished my walk. I loved it. Loved it. Loved it! Walking itself was great and discovering so much of this unique city which I had not known before as well. But your app did add to the fun. I do love the way you are writing and I relay very well to your kind of humor. Walking the lines has changed my view of London. I love it even more now. So diverse! From one tubewalker to another: Thank you.
Stephan M
Just purchased the Tubewalker for Android [app] and just wanted to say, WOW. Possibly the most useful app out there, and it's clear that it has been lovingly created! So just wanted to say well done and hope more people download it!
Hemish G
I am amazed and awed to find this website of yours and to read about your feat. [...] Great to see another tube walker exists.
William K
I came across your website accidentally today and you really made my day. I love your tubewalking. Thank you for the inspiration you gave me this morning.
Georgia L
Having exhausted the New River, Lea Valley and the Grand Union as far as Northampton and other shorter walks, I was delighted to stumble across your website. We are inveterate Tube travellers and lovers of tube architecture, so this is the perfect walk for us and will give us something to do for the next year at least. Thank you very much.
Jillian W
What a delightful idea! I found your tubewalking pages while looking on Google for something totally unrelated, and have been sidetracked by your Bakerloo line walks. I smiled, grimaced and learned things. Can't wait to download the app. Thanks.
I have spent some time reading your tubewalk experience this morning and must say that I have really enjoyed it.
Edward S
I stumbled across your site this evening and have been absolutely fascinated by the tubewalking, what a great idea. Great site, I will definitely revisit it.
There are many enjoyable insights and photos on your [site] – great job.
Tom K
Have been reading many pages about your tubewalks. I've certainly been inspired to try some of [them].
I'm fascinated by this, since one of my favourite things to do when I visit London is go for long walks.

Thanks, everyone, for your comments, nice or otherwise. I really appreciate them; it makes all the effort worthwhile.