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dodi de garamy

Subject: Well Done!
Posted: 19 Oct 2004 5:26 pm

dear mark..
you were almost guilty of Ist degree murder here, when I gagged so badly I nearly choked to death, reading that comment of yours about strange men walking up & down outside, staring in through the window, while mumbling unintelligible words which one would be more likely to come across in a david attenborough documentary..

that has got to be one of the best juxtapositions of incongruous imagery I have ever come across.. hahahahah!
well done!
that is a real skill & one I love to exercise myself..& if I may borrow a little of your talent for self-exaltation, I too am known for my occasional very creative expressions of similar nature..
thanks for all your notes & travel comments etc..which I loved reading generally speaking apart from one or two obscenities which I didnt..
but since we are all either impure or purified in this world, I wont harp on them.. although I feel there must always be a better alternative adjective to those mindless flogged-to-death epithets.. which I cannot help thinking belong to the crowded minds of the great unwashed, spiritually speaking. people uninitiated in everything, who desperately seek meaning but fail to find it within themselves.. often for want of trying more than anything else..but I dont want to wax philosophical..
allow me to offer again an immense thankyou for that mahalaugh you have just bestowed on me.. hahahah!
dodi in ballarat, australia, who has only been to some 30-odd diff countries in his uninteresting life..& who is actually looking for a way to go back & live in kerala again in his older age haha!

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Mark Moxon

Subject: Nearly got you, then...
Posted: 19 Oct 2004 6:04 pm

Hey dodi.

It's always great to know that someone, somewhere likes my stuff, and thanks for posting. It's also quite a relief to know that you're still alive; I'd hate to be the one reponsible for people keeling over from too much laughter!

Here's hoping you manage to find your way to Kerala; I can't think of a better place to spend one's old age. 😀

Thanks for posting, and happy travels!


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