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kelly hatton

Subject: walking 1200 miles
Posted: 16 Jan 2022 8:01 pm

hi , I'm starting a virtual walk on Tuesday, lamds end to john o groats. I'm aiming to do 14 miles each day but I'm struggling to find out where I would end up at the end of each day and was wondering if you could help please .

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Mark Moxon

Subject: Measuring a virtual walk
Posted: 17 Jan 2022 12:47 pm

Hi Kelly.

No problem, this is quite easy to work out. If you look at my route page, here:

then this shows all of the distances I did on each walking day. The column you want is the "Total" column, which shows the total distance I'd walked along the entire route by the end of each day (i.e. the total distance from Land's End).

Let's look at how you can use this to work out where you are on your virtual walk.

Say you've done 9 days of your virtual walk. At 14 miles a day, that means you've walked 9 x 14 = 126 miles.

If you look at the "Total" column in the table, you'll see that by the end of day 8, I had walked 119.5 miles, and by the end of day 9, I had walked 131.5 miles.

So if you've walked 126 miles, that means you are pretty much half way between the two - in other words, you're halfway through my day 9 walk, somewhere between Bridestowe and South Zeal.

You can use the same approach even if you don't do 14 miles a day - as long as you know how far you have virtually walked, you can use the table to see which of my walking days your distance maps onto, and then you'll know whereabout you are.

Hope this helps! Shout if you want me to explain it in more detail, and good luck with your walk.

Best wishes,


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